Ramanuja’s Service

Ramanuja's Service

Ramanuja’s Idol Inside Temple

After completion of all the reforms of puja and other services at Tirumala and ensuring sustained practice, Ramanuja wished to return to Srirangam. But Anantalvan was sad and urged him to bless his continued presence in Tirumala. Ramanuja got his idol made and presented to him. We can see it even today placed near Hundi.

There are a number of reasons for the strong bonds of Sri Ramanuja with Tirupati and Tirumala.

First reason

In DivyaPrabhanda, which is like a central pillar to Visishtadwaita, there are more than 250 Alwar’s Venkateswaratmakapasuras.

Second reason

Even before Ramanuja visited Tirumala, his maternal uncle, Tirumala Nambi settled in Tirumala and was doing service with flowers in the garden tended by him.

Third reason

On the instructions of Sri Ramanuja, Ananta Alwar migrated to Tirumala along with his wife, dug a tank, developed a garden and did service to Swamy with the flowers that bloomed in the garden.

Fourth reason

Since Tirumala is Sri Vaishnava Kshetra, all Vaishnavites long to visit Srinivasa (ThiruVengadaMudaiyan) at least once during their lifetime.

Fifth reason

Sri Ramanuja came to know that the rituals for Tirumala Swamy were not being performed as per Vaishnava tenets. He got this confirmed by Tirumala Nambi and Ananta Alwar. Therefore, he decided to streamline the rituals in the temple, as part of his contribution to Swamy.