Garudachalam / Garudadri

Sri Maha Vishnu manifest himself on the earth in every yuga to punish wicked and save the virtuous.

A demon named Hiranyaksha started torturing people of different worlds in different ways.

Unable to bear his cruelty, the saints pleaded Lord sri hari for rescue. Demon rolled the entire earth like a mat and took it to the underworld. Goddess Bhudevi prayed Lord of Vaikunta.

Sri Maha Vishnu assumed the form if Shwetha Varaha Swamy and killed demon with his sharp tusks and retrieved the earth on his tusks.

As per the request from saints, angles, kinneras, gandharvas and yogis, Adi varaha swamy stayed back and blessing people from then.

Adivaraha Swamy ordered Garuthmantha as, “Oh Garuthumantha! Go back to Sri Vaikuntham and get the kreedadrill hill.” Immediately Garuda said, Yes and did as commanded.

At the instance of Garuda, it came to known as Garudadri.