Thomala Seva

Garlanding Service

Garlanding the main deity and utsava deities of lord sri venkateshwara along with other idols with the flowers and sacred basil is called thomala seva.

This arjitha seva is intended to call the special attention of the pilgrim grihasta who takes part paying requisite amount to witness the flower decoration of the “Mula Virat”(main deity)which takes place at the end of the puja.

The way the garlands are hung down from the shoulders of Lord is called Tolmalai. This, in turn, changed to Tomala. (Tol means shoulder).

The flower garlands are made into several pieces and each piece being of a particular size to be adorned to the respective areas to enhance the Divine beauty of Lord in a spectacular manner

At Glance

  1. Beram being used: Dhruva Beram
  2. Place or venue: Inside Bangaru vakili
  3. Day of Seva : Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  4. Timing of the Seva and duration: Early Morning 3:30 AM for 30 minutes
  5. Devotees and Seva fee: Allowed and 220 for one person
  6. Exceptions: There is no entry for anyone in the evening Tomala Seva.


  • Tickets are not available on Mondays for the months of May, June and July
  • No Devotees are allowed for the seva on other week days.