Panchami Theertham Mahotsav

Panchami Theertham

Panchami Theertham

Tiruchanur is the sacred place where Lord Srinivasa did penance for 12 years to get back Padmavati Devi, who always remains in his heart. Sri Mahalakshmi left Vaikuntam angrily with the misdeed of sage Brighu.

Sri Maha Vishnu himself dug the tank. He brought golden lotus flowers and planted them in the tank. The Devi born on Kartik masa Sukla paksha Panchami tithi, Uttarashada star, Friday from Padma Sarovaram to benefit the devotees. She stayed back in the heart of Lord Srinivasa.

Teertham, Kshetram and Devata places are called as Sacred places. Suka Maharshi did penance in Tiruchanur. The role of Suka Maharshi was cited in Sri Venkatachala Mahatmyam.

Vrischika Masam on Panchami day

Every year in Vrischika Masam on Panchami day, Avabrudham will be performed and earlier on the previous day, the ninth day of Brahmotsavam Dvajavarohanam will be organised in this sacred kshetra.

Performance of all glorious and earlier delighted Vahana sevas will be completed for the benefit of devotees as per Pancharatra Agama tradition. Srimannarayana himself gave upades(way of telling) to Lakshmi, Brahma, Ananta, Garuda, Vishvaksena about this archana procedure.

Procession on elephants

The pundits recite about 108 pancharatrasamhitas. Special poojas are performed on this festival day. Sri Varu sends Tulasi, turmeric, vermillion, Silk Sarees, Panyarams in a procession on elephants to his consort over from Tirumala to Tiruchanur and handover them with temple tradition.

No Poojas will be performed until the completion of Chakra Snanam

Sri Padmavati Devi along with Sudarsana Swami reaches PadmaSarovaram for Avabrithasnanam to get relief from Brahmotsava tiredness and travails. The poojas will not be performed in Tirumala temple till the completion of Chakra snanam on Karthik Panchami day.

After the completion of Chakra snanam, Bhoodevi reaches the temple in a procession, and the devotees in large number take bath in the Padma Sarovar.