108 Theerthams have divine power of fulfilling

One among the twenty divine names of the Sri Venkatadri is 'Tirthadri' i.e. the abode of sacred water places. As per the description in various Puranas like Brahma Purana, Brahmanda Purana, Padma Purana, Varaha Purana and other Puranas there are 1008 major Tirthas on the hill of this Tirumala out of which 108 have divine power of fulfilling the desires of Sri Venkateswara’s devotees.

Among these 108 Tirthas, there are only SEVEN Tirthas which can grace the devotees with Moksha. They are: 

  • Swami Pushkarini,
  • Kumara Dhara Tirtha,
  • Tumburu Tirtha,
  • Rama Krishna Tirtha,
  • Akasha Ganga Tirtha,
  • Papa Vinashana Tirtha and
  • Pandava Tirtha.

A holy Dip in any one of these seven Tirthas will assure the devotee a permanent place in Vaikuntha, the Divine Abode of Sri Maha Vishnu. Here it can be observed that Swami Pushkarini is in the forefront of the Seven Tirthas of salvation.

All famous theerthams in Tirumala are listed below with detailed description on each of them. In which some of them are easily visited by devotees and few of them are difficult to reach.

Important Teerthams in Tirumala

Swami Pushkarini

Swami Pushkarini

Swami Pushkarini - Supreme of All Tirthas Lord Sri Maha Vishnu, having left his abode Vaikuntha settled on the southern side of Swami Pushkarini, in the form of Sri Venkateswara ...
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Kumaradhara Theertham

Kumaradhara theertham Kumaradhara theertham holy theertha is located six miles to the north-west of Srivari temple. A dip in it on the ‘Pournami’ (full moon day) of Maagha Maasa i.e ...
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Ramakrishna theetham

RamaKrishna Theertham

Ramakrishna Theertham Ramakrishna Theertham is located at six miles to the north of Lord Venkateswara Temple. Here a person named Krishna is set to have performed TAPAS (MEDITATION) and excavated ...
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Chakra Teertham

Chakra Teertham

Chakra Teertham Small waterfall popular during rainy season, with rock formations & an adjacent temple. Situated at a distance of 2 Kms from Tirumala Bus Station & 3 km from ...
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Papavinasanam Location Papavinasam is a pretty small waterfall whose waters are treated sacred and have healing powers which is situated at a distance of 5 km from Tirumala Bus Station ...
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Tumburu Theertham

The Greatness of Tumburu- Theertham Situated at a distance of 12 km from Tirumala and 7 km from Papavinasanam, Tumburu Theertham holds the story of a gandharva who cursed his wife for ...
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Akasa Ganga

Akasa Ganga - Greatness One who bathes in Akaashaganga at sunrise on the full moon day with the asterism chitta in the month of chaitram, shall be liberated. Location At ...
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The Greatness of Phalguni – Theertham

Sanaka and some other Yogis made ‘paapanaasana’ theertham and the wood nearby their abode. The Seven rishis built hermitages for themselves north east to it on the banks of Phalguni theertham. Lakshmi devi, pleased with Arundhati’s penance incarnated on the banks of this theertham and bestowed boons on Arundhati devi. She blessed the theertham with the name of Phalguni theertham on her request.

Mother Lakshmi stays with those who bathe in these holy waters on the full moon day with the star or asterism phalguni in the month of phaalgunam and blesses them with fulfillment of all their desires. Some gods sat in a conclave and decided to stay there forever as Lord Venkateswara had made it his abode.

The Greatness of Jabaali – Theertham

Far west to the lake Jabali lived in his hermitage. Agastya raised a pleasure park and stayed on Venkataadri with his disciples for a long time, worshipping Venkateswara with different kinds of flower.

Sri Venkateswara, well pleased with the celebrations got up and worship offered during the yugas of Krita, Treta and Dwapara, stayed there with Sridevi and Bhoodevi, granting the desires of devotees.

Sanaka Sanandana Theetham

Jabaali Theertham

The Greatness of Sanaka Sanandana Theertham

North of Paapanaasanam at about four miles, there is Sanakas Anandana Theertham which washes off sins.

On the twelfth day of the light half of the month of maargaseersha, at sunrise, having bathed in Swaamipushkarini, if one bathes in Sanakasanandana Theertham on the following day and chants Venkateswara’s eight-lettered mantram, and practices yoga, the result desired would be immediate.

Sakthikatari Theetham

The Greatness of Deva- Theertham

On the north-western side of Srinivasa's temple, in the hill cave, deva theertham is situated. Either on a Thursday with the asterism pushyami or on a Monday with the asterism Shraavana, or at the auspicious time of the seventeenth of astrological yogas called vyatipaatam,

The sins committed knowingly or unknowingly will all be washed off by bathing in this holy waters, piety increases, longevity is attained, and progeny will prosper.

Heaven, after death, will be attained. Those who feed the poor on this day shall obtain the piety of life-long charity of food.

Tatrikaloya theetham

The Greatness of Paandava- Theertham

One who bathes in Paandava- Theertham on the twelfth day, it being a Sunday, of the month of Vaishaakham, shall enjoy earthly pleasures as well as otherworldly pleasures.

Sesha Theetham