The Mohini Incarnation

Mohini Avatharam

Mohini incarnation starts out on a palanquin from temple

The Lord is adorned with all the ornaments befitting a woman. He is dressed in a silk sari with a gem- studded Suryachandrasaveri on his crown.

His nose is decorated with a nose stud and a nose ring, ‘bulaki.’ 

His raised hands are adorned with two blooming lotuses in the place of the conch and disc.

The right hand of the Lord in a boon - giving posture becomes a hand betokening safety in his get up as Mohini.

The Lord pleases the eyes of the devotees in this, his charming form.

During the Brahmotsavas, The processions of all the cars start from the Vahana mandapa. However the Mohini incarnation starts out on a palanquin from Lord Venkateswar’s temple and then the procession begins.


Arrogant ones cannot obtain their desire

In the Mohini incarnation, the Lord preaches that the strong but arrogant ones cannot obtain their desire, while those who take refuge in the Lord in humility, will obtain theirs.

As in the Mohini incarnation, all the car services in Brahmotasavas are based on epics and other traditional narratives. All these reveal God Vishu’s Omni presence and his ability to protect people.

Mohini Avatharam - Golden Palanquin

On the fifth day, he appears to the devotees as Mohini incarnation in a golden palanquin enticing the demons, with his blushes and charms.

Sri Krishna follows him in an ivory palanquin. The episode of Mohini incarnation has been fascinatingly narrated in Bhagavatha. The gods and demons churn the ocean for ambrosia.

At the end, it is obtained from the milky ocean. The gods and the demons fight for it.

The bedecked Swamy appears in a sitting posture, not in a standing posture.

In that context, god Vishnu, the director of the worldly drama, takes on the guise of Jaganmohini, entices the demons and distributes ambrosia among the gods.

Thus the Mohini incarnation turns out to be the reason for gods who take shelter of the Lord, obtaining ambrosia (the food of the gods.) and the demons, unable to obtain the same as they are vain in the belief that they are mighty.

Mohini Avatharam

“Sarvam Vishnumayam Jagat” (“The whole world is filled with the form of Vishnu”) is their message.