Surya Puja

Surya Puja - Sun Falls on the feet of Swami

One of the very important festivals of the temple is Surya Puja that happens once in every year on 25th, 26th and 27th of March when the effulgent rays of Surya Bhagavan, the Sun god fall on the feet, navel and face of the Vedanarayana Swami respectively.

It is believed that the sun god Surya pays his respects to Lord Vishnu by shedding his rays on Him and warming Vedanarayana Swami who had to fight a long battle with Somakasura in the cold waters of the ocean.

Architectural Wonder

A much-awaited event among the devotees, this event has been happening in spite of the fact that the distance between first prakaram and the sanctum sanctorum is more than 600 yards and has many structures in between.

Call it an architectural wonder or cosmic miracle, this event has been happening since the time the temple has been built and thousands throng the temple to see this miracle and be part of the divine grace.

The darshan of the lord at the time of shower of the sun rays is believed to be most auspicious. As Surya, the Sun god is also the king of all planets and he mounts the wheel of time on the orders of Lord Vishnu this event is also seen as an indication to the starting of summer.

Best from the Rest

The peaceful and sacred ambience of this breathtaking temple and the extraordinary Surya puja that takes place nowhere else makes this shrine of Vedanarayana Swami, without any exaggeration, a sight for the gods.

Three Day Event

Special festivities mark the three days when the divine rays of the Sun touch the presiding deity. Following the vykhanasa agama tradition, apart from the regular sevas, snapana tirumanjanam for the utsavamurthis is performed in the late afternoons followed by a special offering of naivedyams for the Lord.

The divine event of falling of the sun rays on Vedanarayana Swami is followed by punyahavachanam in which the temple and its surroundings are consecrated with holy waters.

Procession on Streets

Vedanarayana Swami, the ever-benevolent lord, then goes around the streets in a procession along with his consorts to provide darshan to those who couldn’t come to the temple and bless them.

This procession culminates in the Float Festival where the utsavamurthis float around the Vedapushkarani, the sacred tank of the temple showering their benign blessings on everyone.

This special Puja is repeated on all the three days – on 25th, 26th and 27th of March, 2016.