Seven Hills

Seven Hills of Tirumala

Devotees passionately address Venkateswara as “The lord of seven hills” since lord resides on seven hills known as

  • seshachalam,
  • venkatachalam ,
  • narayanachalam,
  • garudachalam,
  • vrishachalam,
  • vrishabhachalam and
  • anjanachalam.

**chalam means hill, chalam= aadri

Narrating Lord's hills

He narrated the same as below,

“Toranamulle trovella

Moorata baralumunchina lathala

Vinjamaralunu visanakarralunu

Gonje godugeve Kondella”


Festoons all along the way

With the creepers in a lengthy way

Vinjamaras and hand fans

Full of umbrellas is this hill”

As soon as the devotees reach Tirupati, they look at the temple- tower, bow their heads, fold their hands and prostrate before the tower with all their devotion.

Importance of Seven Hills

Some temples are situated on the banks of rivers. Some can be seen in the forests, some others are on the mountain tops and others are in caves. The temple of Sri Venkateswara is on the mountainous forest area.

Reach the Hill that touches the top of the sky and then worship the God. Annamacharya sang many keertans on the Glory of the mountain mixing them with the feelings of Alwars and the legendary matters.

Of all the keertans the most famous keertan is

“Adivo Alladivo Hari Vasamu”.

The Second one is

“Kattedura vaikuntamu kanachayina konda

Tettelaya Mahimale Tirumala Konda”

Nature in Tirumala was wonderful and beautiful during the time of Annamayya. There must have been good weather, not causing any tiredness to pilgrims.

Horizontal and Vertical view of Seven Hills

Tirumala Hills


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