Pedda Sesha Vahanam

Pedda Sesha vahanam

On the night after Dhwajarohana, a festival is held with Malayappaswamy on the big seven – hooded golden seshavahana.

“The lord of the serpents, Adisesha, who with a fearsome form, bears to eternity the massive weight of the globe with its

  • forests galore,
  • the trees,
  • the oceans,
  • the hills,
  • lakes full of water, rivers,
  • with his thousand hoods,
  • who dispels sins and
  • who acts as a bed for Lord Vishnu,
  • who sleeps on the milky ocean, acts as a car [vahana] on the first night of Brahmotsavas.

According to the Visishtadwaita tradition, God is seshi [the saviour] and the others are the ones who are saved.

The Lord preaches this concept of Sesha-seshi, riding in procession on the Seshavahana.