Kalpavriksha Vahanam

Kalpavrukshna Vahanam 2017

Wish Bearing Tree - fulfill the desires of his devotees.

On the fourth day, Lord Venkateswara with his consorts Sridevi and Bhudevi goes in procession on the Kalpavrikshavahana, delighting the devotees.

When gods and the demons were churning the ocean for Amritha, the Kalpavriksha that could fulfill the wishes of all, and which is ever green, irrespective of the season, was born from the milky ocean.

Kalpavriksha showers only worldly blisses.

Parijata tree from heaven to earth

Venkateswara who has Kalpavriksha as his chariot or vahana confers both worldly and spiritual bliss.

The Lord is a Kalpavriksha for all those who seek his shelter. The Lord brought the Parijata tree from heaven to earth and installed it at the request of Satyabhama. Now, in the epoch of Kali, he goes in procession on the Kalpavriksha Vahana, to fulfill the desires of his devotees.

On the same vahana, Lord Venkateswara delights the sight of his devotees, in the guise of a cowherd.

Kalpavrukshna Vahanam 2017

Kalpavriksha is an emperor among trees born of earth

Govinda who saves the cattle, protects the devotees as well.

Kalpavriksha fame for charity is venerated in all the three worlds and it is in heaven.

In this epoch of Kali, the Lord who is the devotee’s Kalpavriksha, goes in procession in front of the devotees on Kalpavriksha vahana and fulfills the wishes of his devotees.

Venkateswara is a Kalpavriksha  for all his devotees.