Simha Vahanam

Simha Vahanam/ Lion Car

On the third day Malayappaswamy goes in procession, alone on the Simhavahana.

The lion is the king of beasts. ‘Mriganancha mrigendroham’ is how Lord Krishna described the uniqueness of the lion. The name ‘lion’ occurs in Vishnusahasranama.

With the face of lion, Vishnu killed the cruel Hiranyakasipa. He saved Prahlada, his devotee. In Yogic parlance, Simha stands for the ability to carry and move.

Bhima and other warriors are described as being strong like the lion.

In the abode of the Lord, in Ananda Nilayam, there are statues of lions on all four sides, symbols of the Lord’s power to protect.

The procession of Lord Venkateswara on the lion car stands for the end of the evil one, and protection of the devotees.