Anjanachalam/ Anjanadri

The Seventh hill is called as Anjanachalam. There is a divine story behind in the time of Tretha Yuga.


In the Olden days, Monkey-god Kesari and his wife was Anjana Devi, they were leading peaceful life. She went to Saint Mathanga and revealed her anguish (severe pain or suffering).

After meditation, Mathanga suggested a way out. “Dear Mother! There is a Narasimha Swamy shrine at a distance of five hundred yojanas to the east of Pampa River.

To the south of this is a highly influential divine shrine known as “Narayanagiri”. There you will find a divine spring known as Swami Pushkarini, which cleanses all the sins.

There is a water fall by name “Akasha Ganga” to its north at a distance of about two miles, you bathe in it every day and make penance for 12 long years. You will certainly have children, and you will beget a son who is virtuous, noble-minded, highly valorous and reverent.

Visiting Varaha Swamy

Following the dictates of Saint Mathanga, Anjana Devi went to Venkatachala shrine and bathed in Sri Swamy Pushkarini. She circumambulated the Peepal tree and visited Lord Sri Adi Varaha Swamy in the vicinity.

Then she left for Akasha Ganga water falls to perform a vratha and do penance fasting for a year. Later, she ate a fruit offered by Vayudeva everyday and continued her penance. All her sins vanish with this austere ordeal.

An Aura of effulgence (great brightness) radiated around her.

Vayudeva offering her a fruit

One day Vayudeva offered her a fruit embedded with his semen and Anjana Devi ate it as usual considering it just a fruit. As a result, she conceived and gave birth to a son after ten months.

He was Anjaneya well-known as Hanumantha or Vayuputra. On Account of this, the hill came to be known as Anajanachala or Anjanadri.

No one knows how many names it has since times immemorial. You may count the stars in the sky or the water drops in the sea. You may also calculate the dust particles on the earth. But, it is impossible to count the names of Tirumala hill or its miracles and mysteries of the Lord.