Vaikuntam to Venkatadri

Lord left Vaikuntham and Reached Venkataadri

In times of old, sages like Kashyap were performing a holy sacrifice on the banks of River Ganga. There came Naarada, and asked those sages, “O sages! Why are you performing this holy sacrifice? Who would enjoy the good fruit of this sacrifice? Who is worshippable of all the gods?” Hearing him the sages were hesitant to answer and, after some deliberation, asked sage Bhrigu to clarify.


Bhrigu Visiting Brahma

Bhrigu first went to the world of Brahma that he may decide the truth as an eye-witness.

There he saw Brahma with faces on all four sides chanting Vedic Hymns, who was served by saraswati and who was praising Narayana along with the rulers of all the quarters of the Earth.

He prostrated to him and stood up. Brahma saw Brigu but said nothing. So Bhrigu thought that Brahma was ignorant and therefore not fit to be worshipped.

Bhrigu went to Kailasam

Then he left the world of Brahma and went to Kailasam.

There he found Shiva lustfully engaged with paarvati and did not take notice of him.

Paarvati seeing the sage, was abashed and, informing her husband of Bhrigu’s arrival, asked him to leave her. Hearing her words, Shiva let paarvati ti go and In anger tried to kill the sage. But Bhrigu prevented him, cursed him and went away.


Finally to Vaikuntam

Then from thence he went to Vaikuntha to see Vishnu. There he saw Vishnu laying on the bed of sesha together with Lakshmi. Bhrigu was angry and kicked Vishnu on the chest.

Then Vishnu embraced him and said “O sage of sages! You have touched with your tender foot my chest hard like the diamond, but why? Your soft foot must have had a lot of pain for that. “So saying he washed the sage’s feet with water and sprinkled that water on his own head.

On account of this, he decided that Vishnu was, of all the gods, the most venerable and going back to sages, declared his decision to them in the assembly.

Later Lakshmi in privacy with Vishnu said to him, “Your body is the entire universe and your chest was stuck by the sage. The place which has been my abode was touched by his foot. So, O Lord! I Leave your chest and go out to live in Karaveerapuram.

At the onset of kaliyuga, Vishnu thinking of how and where he could pacify lakshmi, left vaikuntha and reached Venkataadri.