Chinna Sesha Vahanam

Chinna Sesha Vahanam

Venkateswaraswamy who has Seshadri as abode, goes in procession on the second day’s festival, alone on the five-hooded Chinna Seshavahana.

Sesha is born of a spark of Narayana. He is another body of Narayana.

Adisesha is

  • the abode,
  • the bed,
  • the seat,
  • the sandals,
  • the upper garment,
  • the pillow,
  • the canopy

that protects him from heat and rain, the forest, the servant and having a different body, has come under the blessings and protection of God Vishnu, and has come to be praised by people as ‘Sesha.’

Adisesha took the form of a hill as a proper habitation for God Vishnu who wanted to incarnate himself on earth. Such is the affinity between the two. It is because of this that he became a carrier of Vishnu in the Brahmotsava, a second time.

It is on this car that the Lord makes a feast to the eye of the devotees as a flute player.