Kumaradhara Theertham

Kumaradhara theertham

Kumaradhara theertham holy theertha is located six miles to the north-west of Srivari temple. A dip in it on the ‘Pournami’ (full moon day) of Maagha Maasa i.e. February is very auspicious.

It gives the cumulative merit of taking bath in the river ‘Ganga’ and other sacred rivers. On that day Prasadam will be taken from Srivari temple to this theertha to distribute it among the devotees there.

Importance of Teertham

Then Devas praised the powers of the stream which turned an old man into a youth and named it as “KUMARA DHARA”. Accordingly this theertha  shall not only remove all sins, but also enables to attain the Lotus feet of Lord Vishnu. 

Story Behind

There are several legends prevailing over here. According to one legend, ‘Karthikeya’ also called ‘Subramanya’ or ‘Kumaraswami’, the son of Goddess Parvathi and God Parameswara was born at this theertha when Krithika star was in ascendant.

He always attends with his consort (spouse) ‘Devasena’ to worship Lord Venkateswara. It is said that Kumara swami killed the demon ‘Tarakasura’ in a war between the Gods and Demons.

To escape from Brahmahatya Dosham, as directed by ‘Indra’, Kumaraswami performed Tapas, chanting ‘Om Namo Venkatesaya’ at this theertha. Hence this theertha was named as ‘Kumaradhara theertham’.

Legend About Teertham

Another legend says that once a poor and old Brahmin, who had lost his eye-sight, missed his way and was rolling on a ground in the forest on the hill. Lord Venkateswara who was enjoying with his young friends approached the old man who was calling Kumara... Kumara... my son! Lord told him that there was no boy here. Then the old man replied that “I am very old in age, very weak to perform daily rituals. I don’t have relatives and no goal to reach, no money with me too. Why God has given prolonged miserable life?”

Listening to these sorrowful words Bhagawan said “Your body has ripened, your eyes are sightless, and do you wish to live longer? Speak the truth”. Then the old man replied “Prince! It is true that it’s unbearable to me to live. But by God’s grace if my life is lengthened, I shall gladly perform my daily religious rituals and get freed from divine debts. Then finally I decide to give up my life”.

Then the prince held the old man’s hand and helped him to take bath in the sacred stream. Immediately after immersing his body, the old man turned  into a sixteen years young boy.

The pretended prince showed his original form with one thousand eyes, one thousand mouths, heads and arms. God then informed him that he had
endowed him with a vigorous body and enough riches to carry out his daily rites and live happily with the appeasement of his wants and desires.