Tanniramudu Utsav

Tannir Amudu Utsav

Tirumala Nambi’s Seva to Lord

One day, Yamunacharya was pensive thinking whether he would ever have the opportunity to serve Tirumala Swamy with flowers, water, incense sticks etc. That time, Tirumala Nambi set out to fulfil the wish of the Acharya. He used to bring water from Papavinashanam falls, interpret Pasuras and did flower seva as much he could do.

Swamy  disguised as Young Tribal Boy

Tirumala Swamy wished to announce to the world that he is pleased with the service of Nambi. One day while Tirumala Nambi was bringing water from Papanasanam for temple rituals, Srinivasa in the guise of a young tribal boy blocked his way and asked for water.

Tirumala Nambi shooed him away by telling that the water is for the rituals of the Lord. But the boy followed him and made a hole in the pot and drank the leaking water from the pot.

When Tirumala Nambi noticed this, he turned back and looked at the boy and shouted at him. He was getting ready to bring water again from the thirtha. The boy told him, “Grandpa, don’t you worry! Look at the valley, there is pure water there.”

He shot an arrow into the ground with his bow. Water jutted out of the hole. Nambi collected the water and looked for the boy. But he was nowhere to be seen.

Nambi Reached Temple

When Nambi reached the temple, Swamy told him that he is fully satisfied with the water that he had brought from Akash Ganga. Since the Lord himself addressed him as, “tata”(Grandpa) he is also called ‘Tatagurudu’.

To commemorate this event, even today, “Tannir Amudu Utsav” is being celebrated in Tirumala on Nambi’s birth star, Swati in the month of Mesha.

Sri Ramanuja ordained this. That day, the descendants of Tirumala Nambi would be welcomed and honoured reverentially in the temple.