Monthly Sevas

Festivals and Celebrations held throughout the year

The glory of Tirumala cannot but be described with a few paltry lines of prose. The divine hills are home to abundant wealth, both spiritual and material. It is where one can experience inexplicable joy; it is where Lord Vishnu in His most attainable form resides with His consorts.

It is where each and every rock, leaf, stone and pillar becomes glorified to just exist on the same plane as that of Lord Srinivasa.

The entire hills reverberate with the chanting of “Govinda”! Pilgrims are in awe of the sanctity that surrounds the temple. They are mesmerised by the grand festivals and celebrations held throughout the year.

The festivities are innumerable! Each festival is part of ritualistic ceremonies that either commemorate important events in the history of the temple or hold a religious significance.

The rituals are performed according to the divine Vaikhanasa Bhagavacchastram, an ancient and most coveted philosophy for the worship of Vishnu in iconic form. The prescribed procedures and prayers when performed with utmost reverence ensure universal peace and nourishment to all beings.

Garuda Seva on Pournami Day in Tirumala

Punnami Garuda Seva

There will be Punnami Garuda sevas at night for Tirumalesha on Full Moon day every month. That day around 7 PM, Sri Malayappa Swamy is adorned with diamond Armour, crown and other ornaments.

Mounting him on the golden Garuda Vahana, a procession is taken in the Tirumala streets..