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Sri Ramanuja – Great Personality

Sri Ramanuja was born to Kesava Somayaji – Kanthimathi couple in the year 1017 A..D in Pingala Year, Chitra Month, Mesha Raasi, Thiruvadhira Nakshatra at Sriperumbudur near Kanchipuram.

Glow and Appearance

His maternal uncle Tirumala Nambi (Sri Saila Purna) came all the way from Tirumala to Sri Perumbudur, looked at the child and was astonished by his divine glow.

He named him as “Ilaya Azhwar – Ramanuja – Lakshmana” due to his divine glow since it resembles the appearance as described in the sloka: “Lakshmano Lakshmi Sampanna”.

While he was learning Vedanta under Yadava Prakasha in Kanchipuram, Sri Yamunacharya heard about his wisdom and was impressed by it. He wanted to see Sri Ramanuja at the earliest.

Well-built man

When Yadavaprakasa along with his disciples was circumambulating Sri Varadarajaswami Temple, Sri Yamunacharya asked his disciple Thirukkachi Nambi (Kanchi Purna) “Who is Sri Ramanuja among them?” Thirukacchi Nambi replied “Aayathascha Survruthascha Bahavaha,” meaning the well-built man at the centre.

Dhanurdas a disciple of Sri Ramanuja also described the beauty of Sri Ramanuja’s eyes. All these incidences indicate he is a WELL-BUILT person.

Extraordinary Talent

While learning Vedanta under Yadava Prakasa, he used to observe carefully the meaning of certain Upanishad slokas.

At times, when Yadava Prakasa explanations are not apt, Sri Ramanuja used to give correct explanations whereas Yadava Prakasa used to disagree with Sri Ramanuja and get angry on him.

On a particular occasion, while describing “Paramatma” in Chandogya Upanishad the sloka “Ya Yeshontharaditye Hiranyaha Purushodrishyate Tasya Kapyasam Pundairkamevamakshini” was under discussion.

For the word Kapyasa, Yadava Prakasa explained it as follows “Paramatma has red lotus eyes which resembles the red butt of the monkey”.

Ramanuja refuted the meaning with tears flowing down his cheeks. He compared the eyes of Lord with Red Lotus-born in a pond filled with water, having a strong stem and made to bloom by the rays of the sun.

Maladhara (Thirumalaiandan), is one of the five acharyas of Sri Ramanuja. He learnt Nammazhwar’s Thiruvaimozhi from Thirumalaiandan. At times, his explanations were more meaningful and apt compared to Thirumalaiandan’s explanations.

Such incidents reveal the EXTRAORDINARY TALENTS of him.