Dhanurmasa Vratam

Dhanurmasam Importance

Dhanurmasa Vratam

Dhanurmasa Vratam is observed in Dhanurmasam by unmarried girls as they believe that by observing the Vratam, Goda Devi was able to get Lord Ranganatha as her husband.

  • During Dwapara Yuga, Sage Narada tells the gopikas (milkmaids) to undertake “Katyayani Vratam”, to get the blessings of Lord Krishna.
  • During the vratam, Goda Devi sang Tiruppavai pasurams (auspicious songs). Goda converted Villiputtur into Vrindavan to perform the vratam along with the gopikas to get the blessings of Lord Krishna.
  • During the vratam, she sang one pasuram each day – for 30 days.

Katyayini Vratam

Katyayini Vratam is also observed and it is believed that a lady who observes the Vratam would get a good husband.

Anantha Vratam

Anantha Vratam, also known as Ananta Chaturdasi or Ananta Padmanabha Vratam, is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. In Mahabharata, Sri Krishna advises Yudhishtara to observe Ananta Vratam for 14 years to get back his lost kingdom.

The day of Ar(u)dra star in Dhanurmasam (Dec-Jan) is of special significance in Siva temples too. Some also sing the Tiruvempaavai written by the poet, Saint Manick Avasakar to invoke the blessings of the Lord Siva during the thirty days of Margasira.

This Vratam is performed between the two full moon days of Margasira and Pushyami.

There is the significance of doing this ritual in Margasira. Margam means a way, and Seersham means head and best.

Vratams observed during Dhanurmasam (December – January)

Dhanurmasam – Importance

Worshipping Vishnu on a single day during this auspicious period is equal to worshipping Vishnu with devotion for 1000 years.

Every single step was taken towards the nearby lake, river etc., for morning dip during this month brings forth merit equal to performing one Ashvamedha Yaga.