Pollution free Tirumala

Tirumala Tirupati Yatra

The Almighty i.e., the Paramatma is the Creator of the five elements of Nature namely Air, Space, Earth, Fire and Water. Nature is the amalgamation of all the five Elements.

  • All the five elements are essential for the existence of life on earth.
  • Air moves in the living body in the form of oxygen.
  • Space and Earth are other essentials to lead life.
  • Fire and Water maintain normalcy in the human body. It is a great sin on the part of man to pollute the five elements of Nature.

To facilitate his living, man has invented different artificial resources that are contributing much to the devastation of Nature. Plastic is the most significant thing among all. The use of plastic pollutes man on one side and on the other side, it pollutes the entire Nature beyond human control. The main reason is that Mother Goddess is able to absorb any kind of material but she is not in a position to assimilate the two things into her womb. So pollution caused by these two terrible things becomes highly poisonous and dangerous to human existence.

Polythene and plastic

are not the things that absorb in the five elements of Nature. As they remain in its original form, it obstructs the normal environmental growth for the human beings for generations together. It cannot be destroyed and devastated in their form. It obstructs the natural characteristics between human beings and the world.

The entire mankind must ban the use of polythene and plastic totally. The things made of polythene and plastic are very small in size but in the matter of spreading, these small things can pollute and poison the pure Himalayas also.

One should think that the use of these two things is a great hurdle for the protection of the environment and sanitation.

Alipiri – Toll Gate to Tirumala

Sacred ‘Kshetra’

Tirumala is considered to be a sacred ‘Kshetra’ among 108 ‘divya kshetras’. In the Kshetra, Lord Venkateswara, the direct manifestation of Lord Vishnu, resides and radiates in the Ananda Nilaya.

Thousands of devotees used to visit Tirumala for the sublime ‘darshan’ of Lord Venkateswara. Every devotee must contribute his mite to the aspect of cleanliness of the environment of familiar Tirumala since it is ‘Kaliyuga Vaikunta’.

If any devotee neglects his role in protecting the environment, the pollution would be uncontrollable. It would become a great hill of pollution and the quantity of pollution would be in leaps and bounds. It causes an unimaginable threat to cleanliness and neat environment.

At this critical juncture, the process of eradication of polythene and plastic must be streamlined for better living. There is every scope to ban the use of these two dreadful things if everyone should come forward to eliminate the nuisance totally and create awareness in the society.

No Usage of Polythene/ Plastic Bags

It is better for the devotees who wish to come to Tirumala not to use the polythene bags and plastic water bottles. It is also better to take their polythene bags and plastic bottles with them if they were brought under unavoidable circumstances or they should be thrown carefully in the dustbins intended for them.


*Data Source – Saptagiri Magazine