Lord Surya

Lord Surya

radiates the world like an infinite Wheel of Light and revolves round the three ‘lokas’. He is the marvellous and direct embodiment of Trinity and Time.

He controls the movements of Planets, Subsequently represents the miraculous nature of Time being visible every moment and creates Days, Nights, Fortnights, Months, Seasons, ‘Ayanas’ and Years.

Saptaswaradha marthandam prachandam kasyapatmajam
Swetha padma dharam devam tam suryam pranamamyaham

The infinite-rayed Prabhakara is like an eye to the entire universe.  His unique illumination, one is able to see boundless Nature and stupendous creation of God. Lord Aditya is eulogized as the Eye of the Universe and the Eye of the Almighty. One finds the sublime standard of sheen in the Lord. Lord Sri Krishna confirmed in Gita that Lord Surya is similar to Himself ‘Adityanam aham Vishnum Jyothisham Raviramsuman’.

According to Mythology, there were many who worshipped the magnificent God of Glitter for fulfilling their wishes.

  • By worshipping Lord Surya, King Satrajit obtained ‘Syamanthakamani’ which is capable of showering gigantic masses of gold.
  • Kunthi Devi, the mother of Pandavas got Karna as son shining with ‘Kavachakundalas’ by praying Lord Ravi.
  • Pleased with the invocation of the king Dharmaraja, Lord Surya offered ‘Akshayapatra’ to him in order to solve the crisis of food when the Pandavas were leading a horrible life in the forest.
  • After praying to Lord Surya, the great Sanskrit poet Mayura’s leprosy was cured.
  • Lord Rama won the battlefield by worshipping Lord Prabhakara. Lord Venkateswara, the gorgeous god of “Kaliyuga Vaikunta’ prayed the Sun-God and married Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Sage Yagnavalkya created Sukla Veda and Yajur Veda because of the grace of Lord Aditya.

Renowned as ‘Ramabhaktagresara,’ ‘Chiranjeevi’ and ‘Bhavishyadbrahma,’ Lord Hanuman became the chief disciple of Lord Surya and learned absolute knowledge from Him.

Rathasaptami is also named as Surya Jayanthi’. He moves his Chariot towards the northern direction from this day and gives blessings to devotees.

Let us pray Lord Surya who is the direct and visible embodiment of all deities in order to fulfil our noble desires. Lord Surya sanctions wealth, health, progeny, education and many accomplishments to His devotees. He protects equilibrium in Nature by His movement.

When He rises in the Sky, all movable and immovable entities will be awakened every day. He acts as the witness of ‘Karma’ by following the rule of punctuality. No one can conquer Time. Lord Surya reminds the world about the philosophy of passing Time every moment directly.

On the day of ‘Rathasapthami’, let us have a holy bath after putting the ‘Jilledu (Arka)’ leaves on our head and chant the following sloka in order to possess Lord’s benediction: Sapta Sapta Maha Sapta Sapta Dweepa Vasundhara Saptarka Parnamaadhayasapthami Rathasapthami