Cultural and Folk Arts – Brahmotsavams

Brahmotsavam – A Festival organized by Brahma

According to some of the Epic Sources, it is on the day of Lord Sri Venkateswara’s Self Manifestation on the Tirumala Hills his son BRAHMA was called by HIM and asked to celebrate a festival in memory of His Manifestation Day.

Ever since this festival has been celebrated under the leadership of Brahma. Hence it is called Brahmotsavam. Secondly, these annual celebrations are called Brahmotsavams because among all the festivals of Lord Sri Venkateswara these are the most magnificent annual festivals.

Because of their GRAND nature, they are called Brahmotsavams.

Salutations to Srivaru

During these Nine days of Brahmotsavas while Lord Srinivasa is moving in the Four Mada Streets on these vahanas named earlier the festivity touches the heights of sky everywhere. The auspicious music of the instruments is appealing to the ears. Devotees from Anga, Kosala, Karnataka, Pandya, Kerala, Kashi, Maharashtra, Gujarat and all other regions arrive and stand on either side of the procession and with folded hands offer their salutations to Srivaru during Brahmotsavam.


A classic touch to Sri Vari Procession

The Devotees who come from different forms are experts in many kinds of arts.

In front of the procession,

  • Some teams of devotees sing in praise of the GOD.
  • Some others dance in a blissful state.
  • Still, others lay steps rhythmically doing bhajans.
  • Some devotees play on Trumpets.
  • Some give great Drum Beats.
  • Some devotees appear in the attire of Deities.
  • Some classical dance artists also offer their worship through their skill of dance forms.

Brahmotsavams 2018

Thus all the arts of Music and Performance arts are offered to Srinivasa as a Kainkarya or as a Devoted Service. In this procession, the line between the Earth and Sky disappears. Now everywhere it is divine…serene and noble-spirited.

Here the services of devotees through different classical and folk arts are to be considered as the very gestures of Goddess Sarasvati as She is the spouse of Brahma the chief performer of these festivals.

Pancha Bhutas

The pleasing sounds of the Auspicious musical instruments sanctify all the quarters of the Universe till the ends. As said by the Sage Bhrugu in the holy treatise Arcana Tilaka the Five Gross elements : Pancha bhutams : The Earth, The Water, The Fire, The Air and The Ether (Prthvi, jal, Tejas, Vayu and Akasa) are serving the Lord Srinivasa through the Mridanga, Conch, Bells and Nadasvara instruments and the human voices respectively.

Many teams of devotees following the troops of instrumentalists utter repeatedly the name of GOVINDA. Along with them, there are Acharya purushas, Archakasvamins, Jiyyangars, Vedic Savants and officers.

The Vibrant sounds of Vedic chants fill all the directions with a kind of tranquillity and nobility. In the front side and back side of the Vehicle, people of different regions who are experts in different folk arts are formed into some groups and present their talents as a holy offering to the GREAT GOD. Entire Nature is very calm and pleasant with the impressive utterances of different names of Lord HARI. The Seshadri mountain enjoys the arrival of devotees.