Pavitrotsavams in Tirumala

In Tirumala Hill shrine

Pavitrotsavams (Sacred Festival) is usually celebrated for Three days with ‘Triyahnika Deeksha’, with Ankuraropanam on the previous day, during Sravana Sukla Ekadasi, Dwadasi and Trayodasi.

Pavitrams are adorned on Dwadasi. Ankuraropanam Ritual must be performed 9,7,5,3 or 1 day before the day of Adorning the Pavitram garlands. It is common in all temples, including the Tirumala Hill Shrine, to use Pure silk for making Pavithram garlands.


In Tirumala Hill Shrine, the Pavitram garlands are adorned on the second day (Dwadasi) and removed on the third day.

The festival begins with Vaasthu Homa and purification with Panchagavyam must be performed. Turmeric water is sprinkled on Pavitrams by reciting appropriate Vedic hymns. In the night Sayanadhivasam Ritual is performed to Pavitrams as prescribed in Pratishta procedure of Vaikhanasa Bhagavachhastram.

On the Sayya Vedika (Bed), for the Pavitram garlands along with Utsava or Snapana Berams, Adhivasam Ritual is performed. Before putting the Pavitrams on the bed, it must be placed on a heap of paddy and ‘Avahanam’ is performed (invoking Cosmic energy).

Reason for Pavitrotsavams

Snapana Tirumanjanam

Snapanam (Sacred Bath) is performed to the Utsava deities after Homam. In the Homam Ritual, for the purification of Pavitram garlands and Yagasala, Vaasthu Homa is performed.

And on the day of ‘Adhivasa’, in the Sabhyagni or Nityagni Homa Kunda, Homa is performed by reciting Vaishnava mantra. After Sayanadhivasam, in the night, Houtra Prasamsanam ritual is performed by inviting the respective devathas (god/goddess), and the homa is performed by Appam, Ghee, Laaja by reciting Sukthas.

And in the Poundarikagni, Maha Santhi Homa is performed. This is performed in all Utsavas, to rectify from all types of errors [Errors in the recital of hymns, Procedure, procuring necessary articles (dravyas)] committed, knowingly or unknowingly in the current Utsava.

Rectification of Mistakes

By performing this, all the mistakes are thus rectified and results in overall wellbeing along with peace, prosperity health. While adorning the Pavitram garlands, the texts insist that these Pavitrams must adorn the idol at least for a day.

On the last day of removing the garlands, Purnahuthi ritual is performed and these garlands are distributed to the devotees as prasadam. Other special anna prasadams are offered to the Lord and distributed to the devotees.