Paruveta Utsavam in Tirumala on Kanuma Day

Kanuma Paruveta Utsavam Tirumala

The special celebration that is held in Kanuma, the universal omnipotent God Lord Venkateswara is regarded as Paruveta Utsavam.

Malayappa Wears Hunting Dress


Kanuma Paruveta UtsavamLord Malayappa wears hunting dress, head guard and five weapons such as

  • Sudarshana Chakra,
  • Panchajanya Conch,
  • Nandaka Sword,
  • Koumodaki Gada and
  • Sargabow besides Sword, Shield and Sphere,

boarding Silver Chariot and reaches Paruveta Mandapa in Papavinasanam road nearly two kilometres away from the temple by procession.

Along with Lord Venkateswara, Lord Krishna as well reaches Paruveta Mandapa where both of them are made to sit and conduct musical and cultural concerts are organized at 2 PM by singing the songs of Annamayya.

In the evening offerings are made to Lord. After that Lord Krishna on the invitation of Sannidi Golla visits their habitat, eats butter and returns to Paruveta Mandapam.

At that moment Sannidhi Golla as a token of gratitude offers burning camphor and appellations to the Lord. After that Lord Srinivasa starts Hunting.

Even the Archaka swamis follow the Lord with weapons to hunt animals, three times forward and three times backwards and receive Harathi. Ultimately, returns to the Temple. With this, the Paruveta Utsavam comes to an end.

The Paruveta Utsavam symbolizes to express His intolerance towards injustice and safeguard the devotees eternally who seek his benediction. It signifies that His incarnation is to establish dharma in kaliyuga by saving His devotees from the attack of all evils.


Besides, He annihilates, ever-present arishadvargas and five senses in humanity so as to foster tremendous concentration on Him. So, whatever be the celebration of Lord is for the sake of universal good, peace and harmony. All these would shower Lord’s mercy on His devotees.