Why Padmavathi is not in Tirumala

Alamelu Manga

Story Behind

The husband, Srinivasa lives up the Seven Hills in ‘Ananda Nilaya’! His wife Alamelu Manga lives in Tiruchanur, down the hills in ‘Shanti Nilaya’! Doesn’t it look queer? There seems to be a special reason for this.

Long ago, Padmavati used to live in ‘Shanti Nilaya’, a golden palace, perched on a hill as high as the Seven Hills. But the mata in ‘Shanti Nilaya” used to bestow a little more benevolence than the Swami in ‘Ananda Nilaya’.

Because of the weight of her benevolence, the hill on which her palace was perched, sank into the ground. That was the reason for both being separate – one atop of Seven Hills and another on the ground level in Tiruchanur. This is the story, some say.

Swami – Standing in Ananda Nilayam

Another point to note: Swami is in the standing posture in the temple on the hill, with all his weaponry as if he is ready to go somewhere. It’s difficult for the devotees to convey to him any of their problems. Due to this diffidence, we forget to seek from him all that we want.

Alamelu – Sitting on Lotus

But downhill! Alamelu Manga mata sits on a lotus very leisurely holding two lotuses in her hands in abhayamudra [assurance], as if saying, “Come on, tell me what you wish!” She listens to our pleadings and passes them on to her husband. She pressurises Him and ensures that he grants them.

In case, Swami pretends not to have listened to her messages, She says, “Swami, it’s only because of keeping me on your chest as ‘Vyuha Laxmi’, you have been in existence as Srinivasa. It’s because of me you had left Vaikunta and did penance on the bank of Lotus

Like that she teases him and tactfully diverts His attention towards the devotees and their pleadings. Thus she is a mother of Mothers – Alamelu Mangamma.

Final result!!! Swami accedes to her pleadings and recommendations and grants them saying, “You have more benevolence on the devotees than I.” Like that Lord, Srinivasa has been granting the wishes of the devotees with a smile for ages. This is what happens because of Alamelu Manga Mata of Tiruchanur.