Hathiramji Mutt


This is situated to the south of Srivari temple at a higher place. This Mutt is very familiar since 500 years in Tirumala. This Mutt was founded by ‘Hathiramji’. He was also called ‘Bavaji’. That’s why this Mutt is known as Hatiramji Mutt.

Bavaji playing dice with Lord Venkateswara

There is also a painting depicting Bavaji playing dice with Lord Venkateswara.He was an ardent devotee who became instrumental in the demonstration of mysterious sports of Lord Venkateswara.

Swami Testing Hathiramji’s devotion

Hatiramji’s devotion was tested by the Lord many times. Swami disguised himself many times to test ‘Ram’. At last, Ram was vexed with these incidents and he started to step down the hills, at that time the Lord Himself depicted as ‘Avvachaarikona’ to stop Ram.

  • This Mutt propagates Sriman Ramanuja’s tradition. This Mutt was protected by the Mahants in the earlier period from Britishers.
  • Sri Seva Das,
  • Sri Dharma Das,
  • Sri Bhagawan Das,
  • Sri Mahabheerdas,
  • Sri Ramakrishna Das and
  • Sri Prayagdas were important among these Mahants.

Now as Choultry

At present this is converted into a choultry letting out rooms for pilgrims. There are fine mandapams and niches installed with the portraits and icons of the adorable deities.