Hamsa Vahana Seva 2018

Hamsa Vahana Seva 2018

There is one ceremony or the other almost daily for Lord Venkateswara manifest on Tirumala.

Different ceremonies are conducted on a grand scale for the Lord with different time frames— daily, fortnightly, monthly and yearly. Of them, special mention may be made of annual Brahmotsavas.

Devotees go on raptures witnessing the Lord on different carriages and earnestly wait for the next earliest opportunity to visit them. Brahmotsavas are conducted twice this year much to their jubilation.

Because of the addition of one month as per the Telugu Calendar, two categories of Brahmotsavas are conducted this year, namely—Salakatla and Navaratri (nine-day).

Mother of Learning on Swan – Hamsa Vahana Seva

In the evening of the second day, the Lord appears as Saraswati, Goddess of Learning, on the Swan carriage (Hamsa Vahana Seva). This service suggests discriminating power of the good and the bad. The liberated soul is compared to a swan. God as the wisest swan on the swan carriage offers a delightful sight.