Avatarotsavams Second Day

Avatarotsavams – Three Days

Sundararaja Swamy is a Self Emerged God in the auspicious star Uttarabhadra in the Jyestha Masa of Lunar Calendar.

The main events of the Avatarotsavams are distributed to the three days beginning on the day with Stabhisha Nakshatra and ending on the day with Uttarabhadra Nakshatra (The Birth Star of Sri Sundararaja Swami) in the following manner

First Day

Second Day

Again on the second day Sahasranamarchana after Suprabhata Seva to Sri Sundararaja Swami, Kalyanotsavam to Goddess Padmavati Devi, Abhisheka and Unjala Seva to Sri Sundararaja Swami amidst the Vedic chants and auspicious tunes and Nadaswaram and percussion are the events offered in the Mukhamandapa while in the first quarter of the night the celestial ride of Swami alone in the four Mada streets on Hanumad Vahana.

Significance of Hanumadvahana

Hanuman was the personification of the bhakti in the form of the most trusted and selfless service to the Lord in his incarnation as Sri Rama in Treta Yuga. No exaggeration is there to say that Lord Hanuman was the greatest devotee of Lord Sri Rama.

Hanuman the vehicle of Sri Rama in the great war between Rama and Ravana, is the heroic one who freed the sorrow of Sita.

  • He is the greatest among the monkeys.
  • He is the slayer the demon Akshaya, the son of Ravana.
  • He is the one who trembled the entire city of Lanka with his valour.
  • His speed is equal to that of wind.
  • He is the most self-controlled celibate, the best among the wise and always stands in the forefront of Monkey-warrior troops.

On seeing such great devotee of Sri Ramachandra everybody will surely get all kinds of virtues, will be free from grief and attains the blessings of Sri Sundararaja Swami.

Third Day