Sri Kodandarama Swamy


There are many famous temples in and around Tirupati. The Kodandarama Swamy Temple is one of the famous and also ancient historical temples and is at a distance of 1.5kms from Tirupati Railway station.

By Worshipping Sri Kodanda Ramachandra Murthi of this temple, the desires of the devotees will be fulfilled. So the god of this temple is called “ISTAARTHA RAMUDU”

Legends according to Puranas

There is an interesting Sthala purana about the temple. After completion of the war with Ravana at Lanka, Sri Ramchandra Murthi along with Sita Devi, Lakshmana, Sugreeva Hanumantha, Angada and others left for Ayodhya.

Before reaching Ayodhya, Sri Rama along with the followers went to Bharadwaja Maharshi Ashram and spent some time. After that, Sri Rama along with followers left for Ayodhya.

On the way to Ayodhya he spent some time at Tirupati and took bath in the Pushkarini. After spending some time in Tirupati, he left for Ayodhya.

At this juncture, the Jambavantha installed the Archa murthies of Sri Rama, Sita and Lakshmana and performed puja where Sri Rama took rest in Tirupati. This happened in Treta Yug. During the Dwapar Yug, the King Janamejaya renovated the temple and performed puja to Sri Rama

During Mahanth’s reign

It is known from the historical evidence that the temple was constructed during the 9th century A.D. The main entrance gopuram was constructed by the Vijayanagara rulers.

During 1480-81 the main temple was rebuilt by Narasimha Modaliar and during 1817-18, vimana prakaram and the holy tower over the garbagriha i.e., Vimanam on sanctum sanctorum were built.

Mahanth Dharmadasu took the work of gold plating to the Dwajastamba and donated Silver crowns to the idols of Sri Rama, Sita and Lakshmana and also presented silver bow to Lord Rama.

Mahanth Bhagavandas donated a number of gold ornaments to the God. Mahanth Prayagadas beautified the premises of the temple. At present, the temple is under the administration of the TTD.

Temple Structure

The temple faces West and it was built in a large area. The main entrance has a three-tier tower. There are bali peet and Dwajasthambh in front of the main temple in the premises.

The main temple consists of four mandaps i.e.

  • Mukhamandap ( there is Garudalwar in front of the mulamurthi (Main deity)).
  • Arthamandap (there are shrines of Vishwakshena and Sriman Ramanujacharya)
  • Antarala (At the entrance of Antarala we can find the idols of two dwarapalakas Jaya and Vijaya)
  • Garbhagruha.

In main Sanctum Sanctorum, we find the idols of Sri Kodanda Ramachandramurthi adorned with bow and arrow. The idols of Sri Sita Devi and Lakshmana Swami are on either side of Sri Rama.

Many things to know about Sri Kodanda Rama Swamy