Ceremony Final Part

Sudharshana Chakram
Swami Pushkarini
Swami Pushkarini

Swamy Abishekam

Dwaja Avaraohanam

On the ninth night of the Brahmotsavas, the festival of Dhwajavarohana takes place in the temple. In the presence of Lord Malayappa accompanied by Sridevi and Bhudevi, while Vedic scholars chant the scriptures, with instruments playing, with drums beating, bidding farewell to Brahma and other gods as well as the lords of the directions, the flag of Garuda is made to descend from the flag post.

Thus the Brahmotsavam that starts with the hoisting of the flag of Garuda inviting Brahma and other gods besides the Lords of Directions, concludes with the descent of the same flag and bidding farewell.

Dwaja Avarohanam

Malayappa Swamy Varu with his Consorts Sri Devi and Bhu Devi

Bangaru Thiruchi