Sri Rama Navami Asthanam

Sri Rama Navami Asthanam - Chaitra Suddha Navami

The ‘Asthanam’ performed on the auspicious occasion of Sri Rama Navami will be celebrated on Chaitra Suddha Navami every year in the pious divine presence of Tirumala Lord Venkateswara Swami in Tirumala.

Lord Vishnu took the incarnation of Lord Sri Rama in Treta Yuga, on Chaitra Suddha Navami as auspicious day in the star ‘Punarvasu’ in ‘Karkataka lagnam’. Lord Rama was born to the royal couple king Dasaratha and Kausalya for their unstinting faith and devotion in Lord Vishnu in their sun clan. So Chaitra Suddha Navami became the holiest and a festive day.

On this day ‘Hanumadvahanam’ will be performed to Lord Sri Rama in the four Mada streets in the evening. A band plays melodious musical instruments, and moves along with the Vahanams.

Procession on Sarva Bhoopala Vahanam

Lord Sri Rama along with His consort Sita Devi, His inseparable brother Lakshmana Swami arrive at the 'Asthanam' in Sarvabhoopala Vahanam in front of ‘Bangaaru Vaakili’ (Golden Thresold).

Lord Hanuman also arrives at that place in a different ‘peetham’. The Asthana Mandapam seems to be a magnificent eye feast to the viewers.

The Asthanam is spectated by a great number of devotees, archakas, temple authorities. Later, grand worship to Lord Sri Rama will be performed and Naivedyam will be offered to Him. ‘Akshataaropanam’ will be followed thereafter.

Koluvu Seva

The holy book, the Ramayana which is placed at the feet of Lord Sri Rama will be given to the officials. According to the tradition, the birth episode of Lord Sri Rama will be recited beautifully and melodiously.

After that ‘Haarati’ is offered to Lord Sri Rama, Sri Jeeyar garu and the temple authorities will be duly honored. According to the courtesies of the temple and the Asthanam, sandal paste, ‘tambulam’ and 'prasadam' will be offered to the devotees who participate in the ‘gosti’.

Later, Lord Sri Rama, Sita, Lakshmana and Lord Hanuman arrive at Srivari ‘sannidhi,’ after the completion of the ‘koluvu’. This is the Asthana Utsavam’ of Sri Rama Navami of Tirumala.