Anivara Asthanam

Anivara Asthanam

Every day there will be many sevas and utsavams performed to the Lord. There will be Daily, Weekly, Nakshatra (star), Monthly, Yearly sevas. Among Annual sevas Anivara Asthanam is one of the prominent one.

Anivara Asthanam was performed on July 16th in the year of 2017.

According to Suryamanam (Solar Almanac), the day of Dakshinayana starts i.e., Karkataka Sankranti, the Anivara Asthanam will be performed. As the Utsavam is being held on the last day of the Tamil month Ani, This is known as Anivara Asthanam.

Koil Alwar Tirumanjana Seva

On the preceding Tuesday of Anivara Asthanam, Koil Alwar Tirumanjana seva will take place.

In this seva, the temple, scared vessels used in the temple and Utsava Deities will be cleaned with fragrant paste. Koil Alwar Tirumanjana seva performed on four occasions in 2017. On the preceding Tuesdays of

  1. Ugadi,
  2. Anivara Asthanam,
  3. Brahmotsavams and
  4. Vaikunta Ekadasi.

Flower Palanquin - Pushpa pallaki

In the evening there will be a Pushpapallaki Seva (flower palanquin) to the Lord.

In that seva, Lord Malayappa Swamy along with his consorts Sridevi and Bhudevi will be taken in a well decorated Pushpa pallaki around four Mada streets to the delight of the devotees, who seek the blessings of the Lord. Lord blesses all the devotees.

In this Pushpa pallaki, the Darshan of Sri Malayappa Swamy, results in the endless blessings on the Devotees.

Importance of Anivara Asthanam

Pilgrims are not allowed for this Anivara Asthanam festival.

The uniqueness of the festival is that the previous year’s accounts of the temple is presented before the Lord Sri Venkateswara Swamy.

New account books will also be presented at the feet of the Lord for recording the accounts of the next financial year. The entire process is called 'Asthanam' which will be performed in the Sanctum Sanctorum near Bangaru Vakili in the presence of Processional Deities of Lord Malayappa Swamy and his two consorts.