Annual Ceremonies

Annual Ceremonies / Samvatsarotsavas

Lord Venkateswara who is present on the seven hills blessing all the human beings is the protector of the whole universe.

Every day several festivals and ceremonies are performed to Him in accordance with the diktats of Vaikhasana and Vedic traditions. Several festivals and ceremonies are performed to ward off the evils of humans.

There is no other temple in the whole of India where the daily wedding ceremony is performed to the presiding deity of such grandeur. There are three kinds of sevas /festivals. Some festivities are performed once in a year – Brahmotsav, Pushpa Yaga, Pavitrostav etc.


Annual festivals are those which are celebrated in a prescribed month/ tidhi /star and are celebrated for some days. They are also called Kavostavs. Thus,

  • Vasantotsav is celebrated in Chaitra month,
  • Padmavathi wedding during Vaisakha,
  • Jyestabhishek during Jyesta month,
  • Pavitrostav during Sravan month,
  • Brahmostav during Puratasi month,
  • Pushpa Yag during Kartik month and
  • Float festivals during Phalgun month.

Most Important Annual Sevas to Venkateswara Swamy

Anivara Asthanam

Anivara Asthanam Every day there will be many sevas and utsavams performed to the Lord. There will be Daily, Weekly, Nakshatra (star), Monthly, Yearly sevas. Among Annual sevas Anivara Asthanam ...
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Sri Rama Navami Asthanam

Sri Rama Navami Asthanam - Chaitra Suddha Navami The ‘Asthanam’ performed on the auspicious occasion of Sri Rama Navami will be celebrated on Chaitra Suddha Navami every year in the ...
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Deepavali Asthanam

Deepavali Asthanam on New Moon Day Deepavali Asthanam is one among the celestial annual festivals performed to the Universal God, Lord Sri Venkateswara in Tirumala. As usual, it is being conducted on ...
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Paruveta Utsavam

Paruveta Utsavam - Hunting The special celebration that is held in Kanuma, the universal omnipotent God Lord Venkateswara is regared as Paruveta Utsavam. In ancient times, the kings used to go ...
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Vasantotsavams - Spring Festival

Devotees can participate in this on payment of prescribed fees.

Every year there will be annual Vasantotsavas in Tirumala temple for 3 day ending on Chaitra Purnima.

  • On Chaitra Shuddha Trayodashi morning Sri Malayappa Swami along with his consorts comes to the Vasantha Mantapam on the south east corner of the temple. There will be vasantotsava abhishekas, nivedana and asthana for them and returns to the temple.
  • On the second day after Bangaru Rathotsava (Golden Chariot procession), there will be a similar vasantotsava again.
  • On the third day, Rukmini and Sri Krishna, Sri Sita, Rama and Lakshamana in different palanquins reach the vasantha Mantapa besides Sri Malayappa Swami in procession and return to the temple the same evening after the festivities.


Though the Suprabhata seva is offered to the Lord throughout the year early in the morning, there will be recital of TIRUPPAVAI instead of Suprabhatam in Dhanurmasam for a month.

During Dhanurmasa, there will be recital of Goda Devi’s 30 Pashuras (Songs) one each and every day for 30 days. Imagining herself to be a Gopika of Dvapara yuga, Goda Devi, it appears, sang these pashuras. In this context, there will be Ekantha seva for Sri Krishna with butter in his hand instead of Bhoga Srinivasa murthy.

During Dhanurmasa, Bilva leaves instead of sacred basil are used for Sahasra Namarchana for the Lord.

Pushpa Pallaki - Flower Palanquin

In connection with July 16th Anivara Asthanam, there will be procession of Sri Malayappa Swami along with his consorts in a flower palanquin the same evening in the Tirumala streets.  Devotees can participate in the paid service.


Jyeshtabhishekam takes place to Lord of Tirumala every year for 3 days ending on Jyeshta star in Jyeshta month in the marriage pandal of Sampangi Circumambulation. It is called “Abhidheyaka Abhishekam”.

  • On the first day, Sri Malayappa is stripped of his golden armour. After homas, abhishekams, panchamritha snapana tirumanjan, etc., He wears the diamond armor and goes in procession it the streets of Tirumala.
  • Similarly on the second day, Lord proceeds with pearl armor in procession.
  • On the third day also after the tirumanjana and other formalities,he will be covered with golden armor and taken in procession, this armor will be removed again during jyeshtabhisheka.

Till then the Lord shines with the golden armor throughout the year.

Goda Parinayotsavam

There will be Goda Parinayotsavam (marriage ceremony of Goda Devi) on the last day of Dhanurmasa, i.e. kanuma festival considering Lakshmi on the chest of the Lord as Goda Devi.

That day the garland worn by Goda Devi in Govindaraja Temple will adorn the Lord of Tirumala.

Sri Krishnaashtami

There will be Tirumanjanam for Lord Sri Krishna at the Golden Entrance after Tomala Seva on Srikrishnaashtami.

At the same time, dvadasha tiruvaradhana (12 kinds of worship) is offered to Ugra Srinivasa murthy placed on another pedestal with Sri Devi and Bhu Devi. These abhishekas are performed in solitude.

In the afternoon there is Utla Utsavam (Sling Ceremony) as Sri Krishna with butter in hand goes in procession in a separate palanquin besides Sri Malayappa Swami.

The festivities of breaking the milk and butter pots in the sling are carried out on a grand scale in Tirumala at every step. Event comes to an end as the Lord enters the temple.