Clothes of Srinivasa

“Alankara Priyo Vishnuhu” Lord Vishnu likes to wear excellent garments of different varieties and ornaments. He adores different clothes on  different occasions and costly jewels too.

Devotion towards the Lord

All the kings showed special interest for the growth of Temple infrastructure and donated valuable ornaments to the Lord of seven hills along with rich silk vastrams.

The Pallavas, Cholas,Vijayanagar kings and Yadavas have taken special care of the temple and reposed their total devotion towards the Lord of Seven Hills. The Vijayanagar kings especially Sri Krishnadevaraya has donated numerous jewels and arranged lot of ubhayams for the Lord’s utsavams. Achyutaraya and Saluva Narasimha have also contributed a lot to the temple development.

They contributed ornaments and costliest pure silk long clothes to be draped around the body, head, shoulder and to the deity on different occasions and on special days.

The following Vastrams or Garments that are being adorned to Lord Venkateswara with different names on various occasions.

Vastrams of Lord Srinivasa, Tirumala

Melchat Vastram – 24 x 4 yards

  • New Melchat Vastram is adorned to the Moolavarlu (Main Deity) on every Friday after Abhishekam. Normally the melchat vastrams are donated by devotees during abhishekam to the Lord on Fridays.
  • This silk vastrams are in different colors like yellow, orange, green or white with contrasting attractive borders.
  • Every Friday immediately after Abhishekam, this 24 yards Melchat vastram will be adorned or draped around the body and shoulder of the Lord in a beautiful manner.
  • The other four yard vastram will be used to cover the Head of the Lord. It will be a feast to the eyes to see the Lord of the universe in a Melchat Vastram and another Vastram closely tied to the Lord’s Head.

Vakshasthala Thaayaarla Pattu Vastram or Pavada

Means - Silk clothes adorned to Vakshasthala Thaayaar on the Bosom of the Lord

A Silk Pavada or Garment for Vakshasthala Thaayaar will be tied after special Abhishekam to the Thaayaar on the right Bosom of the Lord.


This cloth is considered as very sacred as it is worn by Lord Venkateswara (Moolavarlu). This vastram will be given away to local temples and other sub-temples of the TTD.

It is also given as an honorific vastram to the dignitaries, when they visit Tirumala. For other parivara deities pattu (silk) new vastrams will be adorned on their Thirunakshatram days respectively.

Uttariyam - 12 x 2 yards

The Uttariyams (silk) are used on special occasions like, Deepavali, Ugadi, Anivara Asthanam etc. The uttariyams will be brought with all paraphernalia into the sanctum sanctorum amidst vedic recitations. The two yard vastram will be tied to the head of the Lord as Parivattam
(tied to the Crown with a knot to the right side).

The twelve yard vastram will be adorned as Tomala (around the shoulder till the end of the foot of the Lord on both sides) and another cloth to the Katari or long Sword of the Lord. This uttariyam is also called ‘Adda Tomala Vastram’.


The word 'Peethaambaram' is very famous and used in all temples. In Lord Venkateswara Temple, the main deity is adorned by a shining gold plated Peethaambaram around the waist on special occasions like Ugadi Asthanam, Deepavali Asthanam etc.

Thursday Darshanam

On every Thursday Lord is being adorned only by the Melchat Vastram with eyes opened. The appearance of the Lord gives the devotees an impression that, the Lord is seeing and hearing their vows. This Thursday darshanam of Swamivaru is called ‘Netra Darshanam’.

Netra Darshanam is considered as auspicious one. The colorful Mel-chat vastram gives an impression that, Goddess is also there in another form.

I express my profound feelings of devotion with a view of focusing the vastrams of Lord Venkateswara for the benefit of readers. The sacred adornments shows the glory of Lord Venkateswara. We wish that everyone be blessed

Gadwal Yeeravada - 24 x 5

This yeeravada or inner cloth measuring 24 x 5 will be draped as a cushion to the bare head of Mulavarlu (main deity) before putting the kireetam (Crown), whether it is Akasa Raja kireetam (Crown) or Diamond Crowns so that the Crown fits properly.

This cloth was prepared and presented by Gadwal Samsthanam and the name is remembered even today as 'Gadwal Yeeravada'.

Duppata Pattu Vastram

Everyday this new vastram will be adorned to Sri Malayappaswami during Kalyanotsavam and also new silk sarees to Sri Devi and Bhu Devi.

Tirupati Bari Ulchathu Vastram - 12 x 2

This cloth is used as inner cloth to the body of the Lord up to the waist to keep stiffness to the silk cloth.

Pattu Vastram

To Bhoga Srinivasamurthi, this silk cloth will be adorned in Sahasra Kalasabhishekam ritual.

Ugra Srinivasamurthi

A Pattu Vastram will be adorned thrice in a month to Ugra Srinivasamurthi.


A white cloth to be suspended from the center of the waist as a Langota is Kowpeenam.

Pattu Vastram

To Koluvu Srinivasamurthi, this silk cloth will be adorned to Koluvu Srinivasamurthi on Sravana star and on Ekadasi days.

Bhatmal Paavada

This sacred cloth will be adorned to Sri Devi and Bhu Devi on every Wednesday.

*Data Source - Saptagiri Magazine ** OM NAMO VENKATESAYA **