Chakrathalwar at Tirumala

As in all other holy places of Vishnu in the entire country, the way Sudarshana serves Vishnu at Tirumala also has a lot of spiritual, divine, devotional and even topographic significance at Tirumala. Spiritually Sudarshana or ChakarathAlwar is the very effulgence of Lord Vishnu which annihilates all the demonic elements in the world.

Divine Aspects

As far as the divine element is concerned Sudarshana is one of the closest personal weaponry attendants of Lord Vishnu while the others being Sancta, Kaumodaki, Saranga and Nandaka.

All these five special weapons of Vishnu have personified forms also. So as a divine being Sudarshana basically dwells in Vaikuntha serving Sri Mahavishnu. At the same time, he follows Vishnu wherever he goes.

In this manner in all the Vishnu shrines in the world, the infinite power of Sudarshana is pervasive with a view to serving the God of the Gods.

Devotional Aspect

From the devotional aspect Sudarshana is a staunch devotee of Vishnu and he, with all faith in his master and also with great affection towards the devotees of the God, he always vigilant in protecting the devotees of Vishnu.

All these three spiritual, divine and devotional aspects of Sudarshana Chakra have been in the experiences of the devotees of Lord Srinivasa at Tirumala through ages.

Hence the brilliance of Sri Venkateswara is always exhibited to the world through the two great weapons of him the Chakra Sudarshana and the Sankha Panchajanya. Here the divine element of Sudarshana also was evidently seen by many devotees of past.