Sudarshana Chakra

Sudarshana Chakra Teertha Mukkoti

Sudarshana the Protector of Devotees

As far as the devotional aspect is related there has been a popular notion that Lord Srinivasa, the very incarnation of Vishnu, who chose Tirumala Hills as His second permanent abode next to Vaikuntha as long as the Kali age runs, has ordered Sudarshana to keep guarding eye on all the devotees of Srinivasa.

Accordingly, It is believed to guard all the devotees of Sri Venkateswara, right from they step in Tirumala at Alipiri the foot of the seven hills and till they gain the darshan of Lord Venkateswara and come back home.

It is a round the clock duty of Sudarshana 365 days in a year to guard them all from all kinds of troubles as long as they faithfully serve Lord Srinivasa. Further to say, a single whole hearted chant of Govinda Nama makes him to reach spiritually any distance to take care of those chanting devotees from all kinds of troubles.

Since, the time immemorial, he having taken this vow, has been guarding all the devotees of Lord Srinivasa.


Sudarshana on the Tirumala Hills by name Chakra Tirtha at a place 2 kilometers away from the Ananda Nilayam in the North west direction. It is at a distance of 100 feet from the Sila Thoranam.

Moreover a special idol of Sudarshana can be seen in the presence of Lord Venkateswara’s main idol in the Sanctum Sanctorum of Tirumala. The idol of Sudarshana is in a circular disc shape at a height of two feet fixed on a pedestal of 6" height. All the festive rituals are performed to this idol only.

Slokam - Prayer of every one seeing the idol of Sudarshana.

Sahasradithyasamkaasham sahasravadanam param |
Sahasradoha sahasraaram prapadyeham sudarsanam ||


I surrender myself to the Sudarshana seeking His help in being protected. He is so brilliant as thousands of Suns. He has thousand heads and thousand arms. As the Divine Disc Weapon of lord Sri Hari, he does possess one thousands edges on all sides.

Sudarshana Chakram - Dearest weapon of Vishnu

Sudarshana as his name suggests is very pleasant in appearance to the devotees. He is considered to be the best and dearest of all the weapons of Vishnu. His feats while killing the demons are stunning and thrilling. He is a multiple eyed God. He is the Chief Ayudha Purusha (The chief Personified Weapon of Vishnu). 

People are usually wonder-struck to see the divine form of Sudarshana. His Mantra also is so powerful in curing the diseases of the devotees. His multi-sided well spread hair emitting flames makes his appearance furious and glorious.

Sudarshana Chakra Teertha Mukkoti
Sudarshana Chakram

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