Awesome Ornaments

Strange are the names of Sri Venkateswara swamy and his posture too. Strange are the ornaments worn by the Lord. Devotees are awe-struck by the divine ornaments and diamond decked chains adorned by the Lord from head to foot. They delight us with their splendor.

Swamy during Brahmotsavams

List of them

The lord has the Lotus pedestal,

  1. Golden armours of feet
  2. Golden dhoti
  3. Diamond decked golden sword named Surya kathari, Vaikuntha hastam, Varada Hastham 
  4. Golden armours of the 2 hands
  5. Twisted bangles called Nagaabharanas of the hands
  6. Chains of the consorts on the chest
  7. Golden Salagrams chains engraved with thousand names of the Lord.
  8. Lakshmi chain
  9. Four stringed chains of Golden coins
  10. Ornaments of the shoulders
  11. Golden armours of the disc and conch
  12. Diamond decked disc and conch
  13. Golden crowns
  14. Diamond crowns
  15. Crocodile shaped arch.

These are the only few ornaments of the Lord mentioned. Besides, there are many nine-gem-med chains, pearl chains, and ornaments decorated on certain special days in the treasury of the Lord. Weighing in TONNES, it is impossible to assess the value of his wealth.

No one knows who gave these ornaments to the lord and when. The lord alone may be in the know of it. Devotees must have given them to the boon giver Lord whenever their wishes are fulfilled. The Lord of Ananda Nialaya must be adorning them to the delight of his devotees.

Sahasra Naama Kasula Haram

  • Gold Cost : INR 8,11,51,568.00
  • Labor charges: INR 27,49,930.00
  • Number of Kasulu (coins) : 1008 engraved with Sahasranamavali on each coin.

Kasula Haram consists of FIVE lines

  1. Haram 1: 184 number of coins
  2. Haram 2: 192 number of coins
  3. Haram 3: 201 number of coins
  4. Haram 4: 212 number of coins
  5. Haram 5: 219 number of coins
Sahasranama kasula Haram


But with or without ornaments, the lord is handsome. On Thursday, he appears to the devotees with out any ornaments giving a glimpse of his eyes in the Netradarshana.

The same night he appears in the flower service (Poolangi Seva). On Friday the sight of his ablutions provides immense delight to the devotees.

What a good fortune it is for the devotees who watch the Lord just in loin cloth on Friday in the Abhisheka Darshana.