Lord of Seven hills Posture

Srinivasa Posture

Posture of Srinivasa who resided in Ananda Nilayam on the hill is very strange, surprising, and delightful. He is praised thus:

Bhavaabdhithaaram kativarthihastham
Swarnaabaram rathnakireetakundalam
Aalambisootrotthama maalyabooshitham
Namaamyaham venkata shailanasyakam

He has disc in his upper right hand and conch shell in his upper left hand. The lower right hand is in the protective symbol of varada hastha mudra, and points to his dual feet.

Similarly, his lower left hand kept on his waist points to his knees. Graceful posture, varada hastham will fulfill all the desires of devotees.

Imposing Posture

In the sanctum sanctorum of Ananda Nilaya, the Lord stands full height with four hands, diamond studded kireet (crown), yagnopaveeta, Nandaka, the Sword dangling from the waist, Sankh and Chakra in both the hands, abhaya hasta assuring divine protection, and the pointing finger of other hand (kati hasta) showing his feet, directing the devotees to surrender at his feet and be relieved of all sins.

Lord Srinivasa Posture

Lord Srinivasa Posture

Wishes and Vows

It is said “Variety is the spice of life”. But here is the lord venkateshwara who meets all the diverse taste and attitudes of his devotees.

That is why, Tallapaka Annamayya remarks:

“ Enthamaathramuna nevvaru dalachina antha maatrame neevu
Antharaanthamu lenchichoda bindanthe nippati yannatlu”

If only you unfold your inner soul
He appears to you as much as you think of him
Just as you get as much of cake as the pan
Neither more nor less

He accepts and fulfills all their wishes.