Ananda Nilayam

Ananda Nialayam - Divine Magical House - Abode of Happiness

‘Ananda Nilayudu’, a synonym for Lord Venkateswara, evokes pious feelings among the devotees.

His abode ‘Ananda Nilaya’ is the golden wonder in Tirumala hills, gleaming in the morning sunshine and radiating divinity far and wide. In that divine edifice, is the imposing idol of the Lord – recital of His countless names, His sevas, alankaras, festivities, rituals ……the list is unending and beyond words … even for Brahma! Let us know some of these and obtain His Grace!!

The visage of the Lord is imposing, beautiful, delicately carved and enticing. His love for the devotees is such that He left Vaikunta and descended on the Seven Hills as Saligram with Adi Lakshmi on his bosom, and derived the name ‘Srinivasa’. (One who lives with Lakshmi)

Lord Adisesha into Seven Hills

According to Puranas, the name of the son of Meru Mountain is Ananda. As a part of competition, Lord Adisesha himself surrounded the Ananda Mountain.

Lord Vayu blew both the Ananda Mountain and Lord Adisesha with His might. As a result, the mountain fell on the banks of the river Swarna mukhi and Adisesha was transformed into Seven Seshachala Hills.

As Ananda is residing on the Seven Hills, it became 'Ananda Nilayam'.

Ananda Nilayam tirumala