Sri Vekateswara Swamy

Sri Venkateswara Swamy Miracles

Tirumala Shrine is full of wonders and miracles at each and every step. The miracles of the lord of Ananda Nilaya are unlimited. Annamayya is sure that there is no such an accessible god in the entire universe.

Tirumalesha shines on this shrine as a tripe combination of Kalpavriksha, Kaamadhenu and Chintamani on our palm fulfilling all our wishes. They are, as you know, wish-fulfilling divine tree, cow and diamond of the heaven respectively.

  • If you worship the lord without forgetting, he gives you eyes, legs and hands to work with.
  • If you worship him with affection, he gives you the ability to talk.
  • If you worship him stubbornly with out any let up, he is ready to give you even life and youth.
Ananda Nilayam


Some call him "Srinivasa" endearingly. This appears to be a strange name, because he is referred to with the name of his consort, as if he has no name of his own. "What a great lord he is!"

Sri means Lakshmi Devi, Lord venkateshwara has Lakshmi on his chest. He is known as Srinivasa after his consort's name.

Sri Maha Lakshmi is stationed there on a lot lotus holding in her two hands to other lotuses. Mother goddess cleanses the devotees of their sins and lapses and grants them the boons through her Lord !

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