Ayana Mahal

Ayana Mahal - Mirror Hall

On the northern side opposite to Ranga mandapam, there is a mandapam with an enclosed room. This room is having a small squared mandapam in the center. It is fitted with reflective mirrors on all sides including the ceiling. So it is called the Ayana Mahal (Addala Ara in Telugu).

The Mandapam is also fitted with innumerable electric lights and the flooring is fitted with mosaic type enamel chips to give a decorative and grand appearance. The Illuminated Ayana Mahal is a beautiful sight.

Dolostavam (Festival of cradle) to Sri Varu along with His consorts is celebrated here to fulfill the desire of the intending pilgrim parties.


Ayana Mahal, Tirumala
Ayana Mahal, Tirumala