Anantalwar Crow Bar

Anantalwar Crow Bar

Sri Anantalwar Gaddapara

After crossing the Main gateway, an iron bar appears on the wall is named “Anantalwar gunapam/gaddapara/crow bar”.

Sri Anantalwar Visiting Tirumala

On the order of Ramanuja, Anantalwar, a vaishnavite came to Tirumala with his wife for flower offering to swami.

He took a decision to build a tank for watering the plants of the garden. He was the person who did not like anybody to share his work except his wife. Even when Swami came as a boy to help him there was no use. At last the wife of Anantalwar agreed for the boy’s cooperation. The reason for that was she was a pregnant.

When the work of digging the tank was being continued at full speed, Anantalwar smelling a doubt lifted his head and saw the Boy.

He tried to catch the boy but it all went in vain.

Crow bar hits boy's chin

Then he threw the iron Crow bar at him. The bar hit the chin of the boy.

In the evening Anantalwar saw blood oozing from the chin of swami and realized the boy appeared in the morning was none other than Swami. When he wept, swami consoled him and asked him to hang the iron bar on the wall so that all the pilgrims can look at it.

Sri ananthalwar crowbar