Wedding of Padmaavati and Srinivaasa

Vakula devi left her hermitage to approach Akasa Raja with the proposal of marriage between Lord Srinivasa and Padmavathi.

In the mean time, an anxious Lord Srinivasa came to the city in the disguise of a lady fortune-teller. Princess Padmavathi also lost her heart to Lord Srinivasa and fell ill after returning to the palace.

Unable to diagnose her ill-health, the maids invited the fortune-teller into the palace to foretell the future of their princess.

When the Lord in the guise of a lady fortune-teller revealed that Padmavathi was born with a cause to marry Lord Vishnu in his current avatar as Lord Srinivasa, she recovered and regaled in joy..

Huge Loan from Kubera


As the king heard of this news, Vakula revealed her to the King and asked for his daughter's hand in marriage to her son, Lord Srinivasa. The overjoyed king gleefully agreed and his adviser Bhrihaspati wrote the invitation for the wedding between the two celestial beings of Srinivasa and Padmavathi.

Lord Srinivasa called for a conference of the Gods to declare his marriage with Princess Padmavati.

According to mythologies, the Lord also obtained a huge loan from Kubera, the god of wealth, towards meeting the expenses for the divine and grand wedding matching his stature as the supreme lord of the universe.