Ugra Srinivasa

Ugra Srinivasa Murthy | Snapana Beram - used for ablutions

Ugra Srinivasa Murthy idol was once originally called as Venkatatturaivar and stands for the anger aspect of the Lord since He is also called Ugra Srinivasa.

Apart from the Dhruva Bera, this is perhaps the earliest idol of the temple and in all probability, this was used as the processional idol in the very early days.

This is about 18" high and stands on a pedestal of about 7" height and made of five precious metals.

The Chakra of this image is in a slightly tilted condition and could perhaps be called the prayoga chakra. Sridevi and Bhudevi both as standing figures are also seen. Ugra Srinivasa Murthy is sometimes referred to Snapana Murthy.

The Tamil synonym Venkatatturaivar shows that He was the deity of the temple before Bhoga Srinivasa was consecrated. There are now three occasions of which Ugra Srinivasa alone figures viz., Uttana Ekadasi, Mukkoti Dvadasi and Dvadasaradhana.

Sun Rays should not Touch the Deity

Legends have it that the rays of the sun should not touch this idol, and if they do, it would bring incalculable harm to the world. On Kaisika Dwadasi, the procession of this deity is taken out from the temple early in the morning and ends much before the sunrise.

Snapana Murthy