Koluvu Srinivasa

Koluvu Srinivasa Murthy

Koluvu Srinivasa Murthy is also referred as Lekhana Srinivasa Murthy. It is made up of 5 precious metals, which resembles the idol of Kautuka Beram.

Every day after the morning Tomalaseva, a darbar called Koluvu is held in the Tirumamani Mandapam when the Deity is brought and is seated in a silver chair with a gold umbrella above him. This idol officiates for the main idol during this function. Hence his name is Koluvu Srinivasa.

He is akin to the guardian deity and supervises the temple household, and keeps himself posted with all the affairs and revenues of the temple. The panchangam or the calendar of the day is also read out before him every day.

Also called Bali Bera

It is also here that the matradanam of rice, the customary share of the archakas, is made. Though He is known as Bali Bera, he has never been known to have been taken out and offered Bali after the daily puja is over.

Supervising deity for offering oblation to the secondary gods and goddesses of the temple

In the order of preference, the idols that represent the Druva Bera are Bhoga Srinivasa, Malayappa and His two Consorts, Ugra Srinivasa and Koluvu Srinivasa.

Bali Bera