Bhoga Srinivasa

Bhoga Srinivasa Murthy - Used for daily worship - Kautuka Bera

Bhoga Srinivasa Murthy is also called as Manavalapperumal. The deity with four hands, disc and conch is a small replica of the main deity. It appears of a silver idol of 1.5 feet high was presented by Pallava queen Samavai in 614 AD.

This idol is made of silver and was consecrated by the donor, the Pallava queen, Samavai in 966 A.D. The donor’s consecration is recorded in an epigraph on the northern wall of the temple prakaram which is perhaps the earliest inscription in the temple.


It mentions that Queen Samavai also called Kadavan – Perundevi and queen of Sakti -Vitankan arranged in the 14th regnal year of her Lord and king Koppatra – Mahendra Panmar for a daily offering of 4 nali of tiruvamudu (cooked rice) and a perpetual lamp (nandavailakku) for tirumanjanam on the two Ayana-Sankrantis and the two Vishnu Sankrantis for celebrating the Purataasi festival commencing from the two days before the main festival.

To conduct the festival for nine days and also installed in the Tiruvilankoyil (by which name the Garbhagriha of the temple was then known), this idol after performing special worship of the God of the sacred Venkata Hill.

She also presented gold ornaments worth 47 kalanjus. Lands were also endowed, to the new Kautuka Bhera, named Manavalapperumal and the managers of the temple were enjoined to conduct the services and the sabhaiyar were ordered to protect the endowed lands from being taxed.

Kautuka Bera

True copy of the Dhruva Bera

Kautuka Bera idol is a true copy of the Dhruva Bera except that the Shanka and Chakra are permanently fixed in the case of Bhoga Srinivasa.

On the pitham and below the feet of the Kautuka Bera, is a Yantra, as if two equilateral triangles are symmetrically interplaced one being an invert of the other. It is possible that such a Yantram might have existed originally in the idol of the Lord also.

This is used for Ekanta Seva

The Bhoga Srinivasa gets Abhisheka every morning, accompanied by mantras, unlike the Dhruva Bera to which Abhishekam is performed only on Fridays.

At night this Deity is put to bed in paryankasana. During the daily Ekanta Seva this idol is placed in a silver cradle in the Sayana mandapa and milk, etc., are offered to this Lord to the accompaniment of music and songs composed by the Tallapaka poets.

Sandalwood paste is also applied to Him every night. One peculiarity of this service in this temple is that the Ekanta Seva is performed to the idol of Manavalapperumal for all months of the year, except one, viz., the Dhanurmasa, when the Ekanta Seva is done for the Krishna idol.

This idol was intimately connected with the main idol of the Dhruva Murti by means of a silk cord at the time of installation. A gold link and a silk cord are still attached to this idol when he is brought outside the Sanctum Sanctorum for deputising the Dhruva Murti on festive occasions.