Service to Man is Service to God

The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams is organizing various social welfare programmes with a view to do service to the people with a noble motto – ‘Service to Man is Service to God.’ As a part of this programme, T.T.D. established S.V. Bala Mandir Trust in 1943 in Tirupati in order to extend its helping hand to the orphans.

Besides this, there are three more trusts namely Jalanidhi Scheme, the Kalyanamastu Trust and Sri Venkateswara Information and Technology Trust. All these three are being made into one large trust called ‘Sri Venkateswara Sarva Sreyassu Trust’.


The minimum donation for the scheme is Rs 1000/-.

  • If the donation is below Rs. 1000/-, the amount will be credited to the account of Srivari Hundi without any prior information to the donors.
  • All donations will be deposited in nationalized banks and the accrued interest on the amount will be utilized for the benefits of the scheme.
  • Donors are requested to send their donations to

‘The Chief Accounts Officer, Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams, Tirupati – 517501.(Ph.No. 0877 – 2264258)’ in the form of cheques/D.Ds drawn in favour of ‘The Executive Officer, Sri Venkateswara Sarva Sreyassu Trust, Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams, Tirupati’.


  • To provide dharmasalas (choultries) and free housing facilities for the development, protection and welfare of the orphans, the old, the poor, the destitute and the weaker sections in the society.
  • To provide financial assistance to the orphans and the economically backward students.
  • To improve and enhance the medical facilities for the welfare of the divyaangas (physically challenged), mentally challenged and also to raise their standards of living irrespective of their caste, class, creed, race and colour.
  • To take Immediate relief measures in times of natural calamities like floods, famine and any untoward incidents like fire accidents.
  • To establish the rehabilitation centres for the hearing-impaired, dumb and the gro grown-children with these effects.
  • To provide required appliances and necessary education to such children in the villages.
  • To provide minimum required drinking water facilities always within their reach. In order to fulfill this need, ponds and water tubs be provided to the Panchayat of Tirumala and the Municipal Corporation of Tirupati. Proper action should be taken to save water and control its wastage.
  • To provide facilities like giving books, giving access to the Internet and modern technology for the betterment of the future generations and also offer the wealth of our historical and cultural heritage.
  • To create societal discipline and enhance moral values and instill self-confidence in youth.
  • To make the newly married couples lead and live in their respective families with mutual affection and selfrespect.
  • To co-operate and extend the helping hand to the individuals and institutions, those follow and implement the ideals and the activities of the Trust.
  • To achieve the objectives, precautions are being taken for not entering any vested interests into the trust.