Sri SundaraRaja Swamy

Sri Sundara Raja Swamy

One of such gracious forms of Sri Mahavishnu is that of Sri Sundara Raja Swamy.


Sri Sundara Raja Swami’s temple is situated as a sub-shrine in the temple complex of Sri Padmavati Ammavaru, the Consort of Sri Venkateswara of Alamelumangapuram, Tiruchanur.

This temple of Sri Sundararaja Swami is also known as the temple of Sri Varadaraja Swami and the devotees can see Him along with his two Consorts Sri Devi and Bhu Devi.

Beautiful Ruler

As the name of the God does suggest He is SUNDARARAJA, the Most Beautiful Ruler of the clusters of innumerable Galaxies.

This temple of Sundararaja Swami was believed to have been built during 16th Century as the stone inscriptions of 1541 AD and 1547 AD make mention of the Rathotsava (The Car Festival) of Sri Varadaraja Swami and His Brahmotsavams respectively.

In standing posture

In the Sanctum Sanctorum of the temple, the main Deity Sundararaja Swami or Varadaraja Swami appears as Sthanaka Murti or as an idol in standing posture with four hands.

In the upper two hands, he holds Sudarsana Chakra and Panchajanya and the lower right hand is in Varada (bestowing) mudra while the lower left hand is slipped down free with nothing held in it.

On His right side His most beautiful Consort of Sri Devi and on His left with the same splendour His other Divine Spouse Bhu Devi grace all the devotees with pleasant looks.


The temple of Sundararaja Swami has four partitions by names

  • Mahamantapa,
  • Mukhamantapa,
  • Antarala and
  • Garbhalaya (The Sanctum Sanctorum).

In the outer side of Mahamantapa there is the Hall of Garuda (Garudamanta) where the idol of Garuda with widespread wings is facing the Deity Sundararaja Swami.

Worship of the god

All the procedures of worship in this temple are according to Pancharatra tradition. Thrice a day there is a regular worship (Archana) with Offerings (Naivedyam) to the God. All the Anna Prasadams to the God are brought from the Pakasala or the Cooking Chamber of Sri Padmavati Ammavaru.

Special Abisheka on Uttarabhadra

Sundararaja Swamy is believed to have Self Emerged in the auspicious star Uttarabhadra.

Hence every month on the day of  Uttarabhadra there is special Abhisheka, Archana and Nivedana to the Utsava Murthi-s and at the end of the celebration, there will be Tiruchanur Village Festival (Gramotsava) where all the villagers of the surroundings gather together with great enthusiasm and devotion.