Santi Mantra

Shanti Mantra

According to our religious and cultural beliefs, one of the most auspicious and famous mantra is the ‘Santhi Mantra’.

Santhi mantra is recited at the end of various auspicious occasions such as Yagna, Yaga, Homa, various spiritual discourses and prayers by the pujaris and the pundits.

“Om Sahana Vavatu, Sahanau Bhunaktu, Sahaviryam Karavaavahaihi;
Tejaswinaavadeetamastu, maa vidvishaavahaihi.”

We also recite the Santhi mantra in some or the other situation on a daily basis, but we might be doing it on a mechanized basis  without understanding the meaning of it.

  • To elucidate the meaning of this mantra is of utmost significance.
  • This is to be compulsively followed by all of us. We must believe that we all belong to one global family.
  • This is the reason that many institutions take the activity of reciting this mantra.
  • This is because, if the employees of the various institutions are not at peace, the institutions would not be able to move ahead.

In the older days, people used to start writing letters with the heading as ‘Ubhaya kushalopari’, which means that the letter intends to find both the parties to be in a state of well being.

With the changing trends, this resulted in the weakening of the human values. Hence, by administering the recitation of this sloka, we would be

Sahanavavatu :

Let us protect each other always; which would mean that let us mutually protect each other, our state, our language and our culture. This is mainly a formula for being united.

Sahanaubhunaktu :

  • Let us enjoy the wealth of the world unitedly.
  • Let us gain the knowledge that helps us to earn such a wealth.
  • We would not need an education without values.
  • We should instantaneously reject education without values.

Sahaveeryam karavaavahai :

  • Let us fortify ourselves mutually. Let us attain knowledge which provides us with adventure, strength and patriotism.
  • Let us be successful in obtaining the education which stimulates the energy for mental development, and enabling us to have a zeal for adventure.

Tejaswinavadeetamastu :

  • Let us obtain knowledge by heart which would enable us to become energized souls with a striking personality which would endow us with fame.
  • Let us conduct ourselves in such a way full of self-esteem, respect for our motherland and our country.
  • Let us gain international reputation by conducting new experiments based on our dedicated work, intelligence, strength and astuteness.

Maavidvishaavahai :

  • Let us not hate each other but be friendly with one another.
  • Let us follow the principle, “Ahimsa Paramo Dharmaha”, which means “Non violence is the supreme virtue”. As this is helpful for the world peace, let us walk on the path of progress and succeed in our endeavors.

So, as said above, let us all chant the ‘Shanti Mantra’ mandatorily and put it into practice. Let we set an example to others. May everyone be blissful.