Brahmotsavam - Sri Padmavathi Ammavaru

The ancient temple located at Tiruchanur is the celestial abode of Sri Padmavati Devi, the incarnation of Sri Mahalakshmi.

Here poojas are being done as per Pancharatra Agama tradition. Brahmotsavam is very popular among all utsavas and sevas.

The glorious and delighted Vahana sevas during Kartik Brahmotsavam are here :


The Brahmotsavam of Goddess Padmavati Devi will commence with the hoisting of Gaja (Elephant) depicted Flag on Dhvajastambham in the temple.

Pedda Sesha Vahan

The second Vahana during Karthik Brahmotsavam is Pedda Sesha Vahana. It is the special gnana and mighty vahana for Abhaya Varada Hasta Sri Vari’s wife Alarmelumanga, showing Dasya Bhakthi.

Mutyapupandiri Vahan

Wearing pearls in the jewellery and used as Talambralu (sacred rice) in the wedding ceremony is our good tradition. Ammavaru on this Vahanam bless us with good results.

Kalpavriksha Vahan

Sri Alarmelumanga appears as Gopa kishore having a Sword and Yogadandam to protect cows on this day.

Palanquin Vahan

A parrot sang that Devi is Jaganmohini, viswarupini. Devadevi in Her Viratswarupam the sun and the moon are found as jewelry in her Veni (braid).

Sarvabhupala Vahan

Sri Venkateswara Swami is the Lord of all Lokas. The Alarmelumanga remains in the heart of Swami and graces all Lokas with kindness. Sri Padmavati Devi on Sarvabhupala Vahanam, the affectionate daughter of the Sea and the Lord of all rivers, whoever pray to her will be benefited by getting the kingdom.

Surya Prabha Vahan

The Utsavmurthi graces darsan sitting in the center of circular orb of the Sun and goes round the temple. Whoever has the darsan on this auspicious occasion will be benefitted by good health, abundant Aishwarya, good progeny, good knowledge etc.,. Ananta Crores of sun rays are protecting all jeevarasis. Similarly Devi is Anantavarapradatri.


The devotees feel that to watch the Devi in Rathotsav is their good fortune. The comparison of body with chariot creates the difference of existence of sthula (broad) and sukshma (miniature) bodies. The devotees offer TiruNeerajanams to Sri Padmavati Devi decked on the chariot.

Aswa Vahan

Aswa runs speedily. Upanishads say that indriyas are aswas. Aswa is the witness in the parinayam of Padmavati with Srinivasa. The devotees witnessing the seva will get away from Kali Doshas.

Chinna Sesha Vahan

This is the First Vahana Seva in Karthik Brahmotsavam. The World is living under the broad coverage of Serpanthood.

“Akhila Jaganmataram Asmanmataram” was revealed by SrimadRamanuja in ‘Saranagatigadya’ about the Goddess Lakshmi as AkhilaJaganmatha.

Hamsa Vahan

This Vahan seva is performed on the night of second day during Karthik Brahmotsavams. Sri Padmavati Devi is decorated with the Veena on this day. She appears as 'Saradamba' and provides visual feast to Her devotees.

Simha (Lion) Vahan

Simha stands for bravery, courage, mighty power and fast action. At this juncture Devi easily destroys wicked people and protects good people. The darshan of the deity in prasanna rupam (benevolent visage) protects the people as Dhairya Lakshmi.

Hanumad Vahan

Hanuman is a staunch devotee of Sri Rama. Sita, the Incarnation of AdiLakshmi married Sri Rama. The same Sita Devi (Vedavati) incarnated herself as Padmavati in Kaliyuga. She has been accepting poojas as Archamurthi in Tiruchanur. She provided him with an opportunity to be her Vahan during Brahmotsav. Mangamma darshan on this Vahana by the devotees bestows special strength, fame, courage and health.

Gaja (Elephant) Vahan

Brahmotsavam commence with the hoisting of Gaja depicted flag on Dvajasthambam in the temple. The king elephant when trapped by Crocodile said that "you are the protector, I do not know others”. Similarly all jeevis (living creatures) adopt this method. The Gaja Vahana Seva gives the message to the devotees.

Garuda Vahan

The Garuda mantram will remove the difficulties of the devotees”. The darsan of Alarmelumanga on Garuda vahana seva provides Moksha without rebirth.

Chandra Prabha Vahan

The Vision of Lakshmidevi sends far away the cruelity, hot clouds for a long time and removes sufferings and sorrows and provides anantha riches. By seeing the deity in Chandra Prabha Vahan our minds will be pleasant and peaceful.